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DIY Wood Porch Swing

by Ovidiu


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DIY Wood Porch Swing







Porch swing


How to build a porch swing


Porch swing with center console


From Don, 

Basically followed the porch swing plans and made a few modifications.  I made it 48″ wide instead of 54″ because 8′ boards would make 2 slats.  I wanted to make the center compartment like another viewer so I made 4 of the frame supports.  I used cedar for the construction so it was a little more expensive than pine.  2x4s for the supports, 1x4s for connecting the supports together, 1x2s for the slats. I beveled the edges of the slats so there would be no sharp edges from the curves.  I ended up using 1×6 for the arm rests to accommodate 3″ holes for cup holders.  The center console is 9″ wide.  Larger size people will probably need the wider swing.

I didn’t keep close track of time or money spent but I went back through and looked at it so it should be pretty close. (2) 2×4 8ft cedar $18, (2) 1×4 8ft cedar $16, (13) 1×2 8ft cedar $60. (1) 1×6 8ft cedar $14.  The bolts and chain were all stainless.  The screws were outdoor screws.  I think I had about $10 in bolts and 28ft of chain was $40.  I had about 20-30 hours in it.  I am slow and sort of modified as I went.  I attached finished photos after I put clear polyurethane on it and hung it.



From Plans: http://myoutdoorplans.com/bench/free-porch-swing-plans/

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 20-30 hours

Total Cost: 160 $





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stephen sedgman -

very good idea swing with drink holder


am a newbie can I get some measurements or any other supplemental info its difficult to build this with pictures alone

Julian -

You can see the full plans here: http://myoutdoorplans.com/bench/free-porch-swing-plans/ However, this project has a couple of modification made based on my plans.

Dorald Keefer -

Great build! Did you design the PULL DOWN “on-the-fly” or is there a plan for it? If so, would you mind sharing it? PLEASE!

Julian -

He designed the center console by himself, but meanwhile I have designed free plans for a porch swing bench with console. See the plans here: http://myoutdoorplans.com/furniture/porch-swing-with-center-console-plans/

Joe Jones -

after working 3 day try to get the console to fit and was unable to get it to work properly i finally said to hell with it and replaced the back slats without the cutout for console. was looking at plans again and i see i’m not the only one having problems with console i think i found the my problem i used the print that had the backrest support notched.the swing on this plan is screw on the backrest this would give 1.5″ more room and the console would probably work ok. i wish i had noticed sooner ..i dont know if i’m gonna try the proper way or not..might mention that in you instruction so as to avoid further confusion.

Jeremy Wayne Yarbrough -

I tried to down load the plans several times. They ask me to update my chrome so I did and still didn’t work. Any way you can just email me the plans.

Ovidiu - Reply
Marcie Hulsey -

I have been trying desperately to find the plans for the roll back swing with center console. Every link takes me elsewhere. Can you help?

Ovidiu -

A simple search on the blog would have helped you instantly. See here: https://myoutdoorplans.com/furniture/porch-swing-with-center-console-plans/


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