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by Ovidiu



MyOutdoorPlans is a platform for you to find the right plans for your needs, build projects and then share them with the rest of the community. Document your project with pictures and write a few words, such as the materials used, modifications made to the plans, total time and costs, as well as about the finishing details.

I strongly encourage you to share your projects, even if you haven’t used one of my plans. Any contribution is highly appreciated. After the publication, you can share your project with your friends. Thank you for taking the time to share your projects!

It is your effort and dedication that pushes me forward to add more free woodworking plans, that tells new readers that any person can turn all these plans into tangible reality. Join my DIY community NOW!



STEP 1: Take pictures (document the project with pictures from the beginning to the end)

STEP 2: Explain (write a few things about the total costs, time and materials used)

STEP 3: Share (get your project featured on MyOutdoorPlans)



Why contribute?

  • Everyone has a project to share
  • To show your work to the whole world
  • To get your project featured with a link-back to your blog
  • To inspire others and to prove building great things with limited money is possible
  • To help us create more free plans for you


Do you make custom work?

  • No. I don’t make custom plans and I don’t customize the plans I have on the blog & Shop. I will not answer emails that request custom plans or to alter the plans I already designed.
  • However, I accept suggestions for future plans. If I find your idea interesting and valuable, I will add it to my To-Do list and design plans when I have time.


Share your projects with me!

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    Your Project

    Details, Time, Total costs, Finishing touches

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    *Make sure Images are smaller than 10 MB!




    Matt Madison -

    Having trouble uploading my files

    Ovidiu -

    Why? What is the problem you re facing?

    Rob -

    I just uploaded no issues

    Scott Richards -

    Thank you so much

    Dirk -

    I have tried to upload pictures of my project several times but just keep getting the spinning arrow for hours at a time. Any ideas?

    Ovidiu -

    If the form doesn’t work for you, please send the pics along with your comment at: admin@myoutdoorplans.com

    Sherman -

    Thanks for the guidance.

    Christian -

    I have tried several times to upload my pictures. I just keep getting the same message to fill in all the required fields. All of the fields are filled in along with all six pictures.

    Ovidiu -

    Hi. Probably that your files exceed the max size allowed by the server. You can send the project at: admin @ myoutdoorplans.com as a regular email, and I’ll post it for you. Thanks.

    Gene Sewell -

    i guess my images are too large no clue how to change that
    oh well glad i can build better than use the computer .ha

    Ovidiu -

    Try sending the images to my email admin @ myoutdoorplans.com (without the spaces)

    Genevieve -

    Do you have a premium version of the 8×10 Catio?

    Ovidiu -


    IA -

    Are these plans acceptable under IBC?

    Guy c -

    I need plans for 20x30x12. Same as the 20x30x10 you show. With no seating, metal roof and siding. Snow load of 50 psf


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