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by Ovidiu

Any kind of feedback is strongly encouraged here. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions for an improved user experience or send enquiries. If you want to submit your project, use this form.

Do you need plans for a project that is not featured on my website? Send me a picture and a few words about what you need. I will try our best to develop some appropriate plans in the shortest amount of time possible. Remember that I have limited time, so I will only choose some of your ideas.

It is your effort and dedication that grow this woodworking blog, that tell new readers that any person can turn all these plans into tangible reality. Thank you for taking the time to post your projects!

Use the contact form for BUSINESS RELATED questions only. If you have a question regarding the plans, use the comments section! I will not answer emails that have questions regarding the projects. Thank you!


Do you accept guest posts?

No. There are no guest posts on this blog and there will never be.


Do you sell links?

No. I never have and never will.


Where can I find MyOutdoorPlans on social media?


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