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by Ovidiu


I have so many free woodworking plans on the site, that it is so hard for a new visitor to browse through all the plans. That is why, I decided to make a short list with our most popular projects on this site, “the undiscovered gems”. Even if it might look intimidating at first, my detailed plans and step by step instructions make it really easy for anyone.

If you are new to DIY World, take a seat and grab a coffee. We have to talk… Don’t be intimidated, because I promise you, building projects with power tools is not hard and not complicated. It’s more the mental barrier that keeps us away from pushing the boundaries of the known. However, you need to have a strong theoretical base, so you understand the types of wood best for a certain project, or the safety procedures. There are many aspects that matter when making projects with wood, but luckily I have your back with everything you need to know.