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Building a seesaw


Attaching the straps


Attaching the seat slat


Seesaw handle




From John

I made a few modifications to the initial plans. I have build a wooden base for the seesaw, as it was easier for me. I just wanted to build something quick with the materials I already had. In addition, I used threaded metal rod and pipe straps to anchor the seat slat to the supports. I have locked everything tightly into place by attaching washers and nuts to both ends of the metal rod. It is essential to use quality lumber and to make sure all corners are square. Use screws to lock the components together, as nails would not create rigid joints.

I used scrap pieces of lumber to build the handles. I drilled pilot holes through the seat beams and inserted 2 1/2″ screws into the handles. I bought a broom stick to build the round handles, as it was the least expensive option. Overall, an afternoon project that I have enjoyed building and it looks fantastic in my backyard.



From Plans: http://myoutdoorplans.com/playhouse/seesaw-plans/

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 1 day

Total Cost: <25 $





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