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DIY Squirrel Feeder

by Ovidiu


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DIY Squirrel Feeder



















From D W,

Was looking for a quick project (well “quick” is relative) to get some practice with an Incra Box Joint Jig. We feed the birds here in the Suburbs of NYC year round. Don’t have a ground feeder and our little pink house looks ginchy sitting in the garden. I used some scrap pine for the house. The roof and base are 1/4” ply. The shingles, from Amazon, were the most expensive parts. $16 for a bag of 500. I have enough left over for other projects. The girls think it’s so cute I should build a whole village! I think the shingles were worth it.

I couldn’t find a decent price on 1/4” plexiglass so used a clear clipboard to use for the front pane. Only required one shallow pass with a regular table saw blade to make the channels the front pane slides into. Hope it holds up… Gave the finished project many coats of satin Spar Urethane. I knew I would probably need to secure the roof so cut two triangles ( got to practice with a new DeWalt Sliding Mitre Saw) from 1/4 “ ply and glued them inside the roof so they fit snug into the house.

Plan to drill holes thru front and back of hose thru the “rafters” for 3/16” or so Al tubing. Can mash one end of the tube and slide the round end thru the holes I drilled, connecting the house to the roof. Why did I foresee the need to do this? I know squirrels. The second day out one had the roof off and was sitting inside, feasting away. Crafty things in there own right! With the Miter Saw I was able to bevel the top of the side walls to match the angle of the roof for a nice fit. Had some torrential downpours and the feed stayed dry.

Thanks for the plans!!!



Albino Squirrel visits the feeder. We’ve had one or two white squirrels in the neighborhood over the past few years. Those had black eyes. Haven’t seen one in two years This one’ is a young pink eyed true albino. Pretty rare. It’ will be well fed… Other pics show the 3/16” Al tubing (I had some) I used to attach the roof. Easy peasy.



From Plans: http://myoutdoorplans.com/animals/squirrel-feeder-plans/

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