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DIY Small Planter Bench

by Ovidiu


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DIY Small Planter Bench



From Bren,

I’ve previously shared my full sized planter bench project but my mother needed something smaller for her deck so this looked like a great little bench planter.  I’m finding tons of great project plans on this site and this one is no different.

I made one change which was to use 2×4 trim on the planter as opposed to 1×3, I think the 2×4 stands out and looks better.

One tip from this project is to fit the seat slats before finishing the main frame.  I had everything ready to go but ended up having to trim 1/2 ” from one of the seat slats to make everything fit.  It wasn’t a major deal but did add a bit of complexity to the project as I had to rig up a 60″ rip cut only 1/2″ thick with my circular saw.

I’ve started tracking exact costs for my projects, this was $80 before stain.  It took about 4 hours total and was fairly easy as long as you measure everything before construction. I finished it with a mountain stream blue solid stain which I think looks great.



From Plans: http://myoutdoorplans.com/furniture/how-to-build-a-planter-bench/

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 4 hours

Total Cost: 80$





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