DIY Rabbit Hutch

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DIY Rabbit Hutch











From Charles Jennings,

Project took about $125 in material cost. All of the wood to wood areas were joined with glue along with a kreg pocket jig as to not screw into the grain. I used outdoor screws with torx heads and I used a metal roof as a cheaper alternative than buying a roll of tar backing and bag of shingles. I put a bead of silicone where I layered the roofing sheets and also over the screws.

Tools Used:
Impact Driver
Drill Driver
Miter Saw
Circular Saw
Angle Grinder for Roofing
Reciprocating Saw

I ordered the exact amount of 1x4x8 but came out with too many by 3 or 4 pcs. I am going to cut a half crescent in the side where there is no access for cleaning purposes.

I took lots of breaks during my first day for family time. I spent probably 10 hours split between two Saturdays making this. I just do woodworking as a hobby but more of a necessity around the house.



From Plans:

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 10 hours

Total Cost: $125



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