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DIY Porch Swing with Center Console and Stand

by Ovidiu


This section of our site is dedicated to woodworkers and DIY-ers that have built a project inspired by our outdoor plans and have sent us photos and a few comments about their woodworking endeavor.

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DIY Porch Swing with Center Console and Stand













From Jason James,

This was my first major project and also a mothers day present so I may have went overboard on it. I worked on it here and there in my spare time so I don’t have an accurate count on how long it took me. Materials ran around $350-$400.

I utilized the two plans for outdoor swings, with and without the cup holder as well as the plans for the stand. I applied a coat of pre-stain and stain (red mahogany) before assembling as well as another coat after assembly followed by three coats of Helmsman Spar Urethane so that added a lot of time to it. For the center console, I decided to go with hinges. Once I realized that it opened too far and didn’t sit level, I added some picture hanging wire to correct it.

Finally, I decided to add a sign with her last name on it to distract from the imperfections haha. It was rather simple and turned out well. I cut a piece of 1×8 a little longer than the length of the letters, used a 7/8″ hole saw for the corners, placing the drill bit just inside the corner, then I used a roman ogee router bit all the way around it. It turned out pretty nice and she was super happy. I’ve already had other people asking me to build them one!



From Plans: http://myoutdoorplans.com/furniture/porch-swing-with-center-console-plans/

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 1 weekend

Total Cost: $350





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