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DIY Large Double Chair Bench with Table

by Ovidiu


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DIY Large Double Chair Bench with Table



From Bryan Paul,

Threw this together today… not sure of cost because i bought some other stuff at the lumber yard along with the materials for this… wasn’t that expensive if you consider the cost of buying outdoor furniture from some place… used treated lumber… I wanted to use 1 x 4 deck boards because they already have rounded edges but the only 1×4’s they had were square edges… I was gonna use my router to put a nice round edge on some of the boards but by the time i got everything ready to start building i just didn’t feel like it (i broke a bolt on my miter saw that was part of the mechanism that locks the table in place after you set your miter angle… had to go to hardware store and found a bolt that would work, then had to disassemble the saw a bit in order to fix it… so I was running late)…

I goofed up and saw that the back rest boards were 24 inches and went and cut ALL the seat boards at 24… but the ones that you sit on are supposed to be 25 1/2″…oops… so i had to kind of improvise from there… but i think it turned out ok… gonna let the treated lumber dry out for a week and then sand the edges and any rough patches down a bit and put a few coats of rustoleum spray lacquer in “chinese red” color ( http://amzn.to/2urPKrg ) followed by a couple coats of clear spray lacquer… I just want to say thank you to the folks running this website… I love it!!! I work construction but have just recently been getting into building things at home… this site is amazingly full of good ideas and the plans are well thought out and easy to understand… so THANKS… hope to make some more stuff on here soon!



From Plans:  http://myoutdoorplans.com/furniture/large-double-chair-bench-plans/

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 1 day

Total Cost: –





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