DIY Guitar Stand

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DIY Guitar Stand







From Ergun,

I built this guitar stand from oak. I have no measurements, but I wanted to share my project with you. Original plans Here.



From Plans: original design

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 1 day

Total Cost: 5 $



  1. Russ at - Reply

    Great project! Simple and useful. I am a guitar player too. Do you mind sharing the size, angles and measurements?

  2. Philippe at - Reply

    Thanks a lot for this great plan.
    I made a first exemplar and I realised the dimensions should be adapted to guitar
    So I made a drawing in excel where you can parameter the dimensions and make it tailor made, and have a plan which you can print with all necessary coordinates
    don t hesitate to write in email and i ll be glad to send it to you.

  3. hi ergun,
    I’m the one who originally invented the design, so please give credits where due and include my plans for your users.

    • Ovidiu at - Reply

      Thank you for the feedback. As admin, I wasn’t aware of that. I have added your link to your plans, for him.


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