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DIY Butcher Block Table

by Ovidiu


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DIY Butcher Block Table



From Claude,

The attached is a butcher block table I made for the wife. The table is 16 x 24 x 34 high. I used 2 x 4 and 1 x 2 stock whiteboard. The wife had some space restrictions for our small kitchen so she told be the exact dimensions to not interfere with traffic. The height was measured to come to exactly the height of the counter. When extra space is needed, say for a buffet type meal, the heavy duty casters are unlocked and it is wheeled and locked to add to the counter space. The butcher block is actually a faux butcher block and will not be used to cut food. It is a 48 x 24 spruce slab cut in half, glued and screwed together, and finished with polyurethane. The one inch screws were secured from the bottom slab so the top is screwless. The wife has stored actual cutting boards on the two shelves.



From Plans: http://myoutdoorplans.com/indoor/butcher-block-table-plans/

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 1 day

Total Cost: 20 $





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