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From Dan,

I just wanted to share my project with you. This was my summer project and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I worked now and then, after work. I followed your instructions regarding the foundation and the base, but I changed the design for the main body. I also covered the brick bbq with a roof, to protect it from the elements. The interior of the bbq is padded with refractory bricks to store the heat longer. For an amateur I think it turned out pretty solid.



From Plans:

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 1 week

Total Cost: 100 $


Shed      Furniture      Animals      Kids      Garden      Indoor

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  1. Julian at - Reply

    Congratulations for the project! The brick bbq turned out great and I personally love the changes you have made to the plans, as well as the roof structure. I’m looking forward to your next projects!

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