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DIY 6×8 Greenhouse

by Ovidiu


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DIY 6×8 Wood Greenhouse








From MichHank Snow

I took the 6×8 plans for your green house but after I got the framing done I started to alter the design a little bit. But please know that your design gave me the inspiration to start. I had a lot of the supplies around my house so my cost was quite low and I was given acrylic sheets so I didn’t use a green house plastic. I also used suntuf roofing which cost about $150.00 for the roof.

Also I am a stained glass artist so I did two panels for the front and I will have two more stained glass windows for my venting windows on the side when I get them completed. It took about 5 days to complete (stained glass not included in time) and to be honest I still want to add some trimmings here and there with plans of something at the front peek.

My stained glass door was a great find from our local “Habitate for humanity” Restore that I picked up for a steal of $50.00. You will see cinder blocks around the exterior which will host flowers. I’m searching for one of those diamond style door knobs to complete the door. Now I just need a bench and plants… Happy growing!



From Plans: https://myoutdoorplans.com/greenhouse/6×8-wooden-greenhouse-plans/

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 5 days

Total Cost: $200





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