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DIY 3 Cord Firewood Shed 

by Ovidiu


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DIY 3 Cord Firewood Shed


From Rita,

Very detailed. Made it easy to make all the impromptu tweaks my husband kept asking for!



From Plans: https://gum.co/ybuuA

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required:

Total Cost:





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Samantha Bushika -

Hi. I love your site! I have a friend and we both just purchased our first homes. Hers has a small rental u it on the property with an oil tank behind it that is completely open to the elements. No protection. It also needs to be raised up. I’m thinking that something like this would work with a little more protection on the sides, or just the roof. We are women and we get it done but by the skin of our teeth, and I want to help her so badly. We have been through it. They won’t deliver her tenant any oil, an tenant who has 3 kids in the Vermont winter, until these issues are fixed. Do you have any plans for something like this. It’s a small oil tank and it just needs to be raised and sheltered. Thanks so much!


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