DIY 2 Planter Seat

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DIY 2 Planter Seat







From John Wade / Pittsburgh

i made this out of %100 pallet wood and the bench is detachable for easy movement and placement it cost my time and it took 2 day to do.



From Plans: –

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 2 days

Total Cost: –


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  1. Terin at - Reply

    This looks like a cool project. I know you said it is easy but could you please add some instructions? I am basically a beginner since I have not built anything since I made a few things with my dad as a kid. Unfortunately I no longer have anyone around to help me try this out so I will need a lot of guidance.

  2. Paul at - Reply

    I have a craft show that I will be in real soon. Your plans are right on time for me. From what I have seen, there is easy to follow instructions. I wanted to say thank you for your time and plans to help people like me.

  3. john at - Reply

    I made this out of %100 free pallet wood and you can find all of my projects here and on pintrest