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Adirondack Table

by Ovidiu


This section of our site is dedicated to woodworkers and DIY-ers that have built a project inspired by our outdoor plans and have sent us photos and a few comments about their woodworking endeavor.

We strongly encourage you to submit your projects built from our plans or based on your own ideas. Send the materials using this contact form. Thank you for sharing your projects!



Adirondack Table


I started by assembling the frame of the table out of 1×2 lumber. Then I have attached the 1×4 slats to the frame, making sure they overhang for 3/4″. I cut four pieces of 1×2 lumber for the legs and secured them into place using screws. Make sure the corners are square before inserting the screws. Add waterproof glu e to the joints for a professional result.


Next, I attached the front and back trims to the adirondack table. I used my miter saw to make 45 degree cuts to the corners of the components. I attached the trims to the frame using glue and brad nails. I then sanded the edges and the components thoroughly, using fine and medium grit sandpaper.



From Jack Sander

Adirondack side table I built for my mom. First project I built using plans from here, since our collaboration begun. This small table is perfect for her patio. I love the simple but unique design, although I built different legs. I sanded the components with 120 grit, but I like the rough aspect. Afterwards, I applied a few coats of water-based paint.  There are other projects on your site that I look forward to building.Thank you!!



From Plans: http://myoutdoorplans.com/furniture/adirondack-table-plans/

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 1 day

Total Cost: <5 $





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