Similar to some types of lumber that are well-suited for outdoor use, there are some adhesives that work in moisture. Make sure you choose the most appropriate product for your needs and budget before starting the woodworking project.


[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] Yellow and White

The traditional white, yellow and hide glues don’t work well outside. These adhesives aren’t designed to stand up against Mother Nature.


[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] Plastic Resin

Plastic resin is an adhesive that is water resistant and cheap glue that can be used outdoor. It comes in a powder form, so you need to mix it with water, before using it. The glue sets up quickly (5-10 minutes), so you need to apply it fast or it will dry out.


[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] Epoxy

Epoxy glue create very strong bonds and it is waterproof. Epoxy needs to be mixed before using it. It has two parts: a resin and a hardener. It is important to remove the excess before it dries out. After the epoxy hardens, it is impossible to remove it.


[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] Polyurethane

This type of glue is available in bottles. However, you need to spay water on the pieces of wood before applying the glue, as it reacts with the moisture. This glue expands as it cures, making it ideal for fillings. Use a plastic scraper to spread the glue evenly. This type of glue takes about half an hour to dry out.


[dropcap]5.[/dropcap] Contruction Adhesive

This adhesive can be used outdoor and it has a good price. It comes in tubes and it can be found at any DIY store. As the parts are clamped together, the adhesive will spread out. Let it dry out and then remove the excess with a utility knife.