DIY Chicken Coop Extension

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DIY Chicken Coop Extension


From Tricia,

This is my first ever project building something. I did 80% by myself but needed a little help from my husband to hold things because I didn’t have the right clamps. I use your chicken run plan but altered the dimensions.

I made it 6ft long and 3ft high. The left back panel I put a crossbar midway down and left it open so I could connect it to my existing coop. All I did was use long tie wraps to secure the two structures.

Right now I’m just using a tarp as the roof as I have a roost in it and that’s where the girls sleep. The plans were easy to adjust, but a little more explanation or diagrams of pilot holes would have helped me because i truly was 100% beginner!

I also added brackets to all the vertical 2x2s and the crossbars on top because the 2x2s from home depot weren’t the best. All in all, a little YouTube and asking questions, and I was good to go. I probably spent $75 on materials, and more on some tools, but those will come in handy for my next project.

I was never so proud as the day I made the door. I had to plane it a little but it is really solid and works well.




From Plans:

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required:

Total Cost: $75


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