DIY Brick Pizza Oven

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DIY Brick Pizza Oven





Forming up and pouring the base slab.






Putting up the slump stone walls and then pouring the fire deck slab.






Put up the walls and then roll the dome.






Once the large dome is complete build the smaller jig for the second smaller arch.






Fill in the front and back arches and lay in the fire deck block.






Final step we put a skin of common splits which are thin red clay bricks which we then waterproofed.




The pizza came out fantastic with no sticking. I brought it up to temp, then cooled it down a bit. About an 8 minutes cook time. My wife and daughter were amazed and that makes it all worth it!




From Scott Tomasello,

A friend of mine sent me this website’s plans. Another friend and I completed the pizza oven in a little over three weeks. We modified the plans, made the oven larger and put a lot of rebar mesh and angle iron into the slabs and walls. The cost of my project was around $750 she is a beautiful piece of work money well spent.



From Plans:

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 3 weeks

Total Cost: 750 $


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  1. Justin Hipps at - Reply

    Please if you’re willing provide me with the modified/larger version plans. Is there a step by step version for newbies?

    Thank you so much!

    • Julian at - Reply

      The larger version has been built by Scott, a reader, using his own modifications. I have no step by step plans for a larger version, other than the ones that are already on the site.

  2. Daniel L. Davis at - Reply

    From what I see in your photos the usage of fire bricks were for deck where the fire is built. To make it a longer lasting oven would you recommend fire bricks to be used to line the entire firebox including sides, top and bottom.

    • Julian at - Reply

      Thanks for the tip, Daniel!

  3. Scott Tomasello at - Reply

    Daniel if you are looking at my pizza oven the entire Dome is made of fire block and the chimney as well the only non fire bricks are the slumpstone underneath the fire deck in the skin of common splits. SCOTT

  4. Scott at - Reply

    Hey Scott can you tell me how hot you’ve managed to get you’re oven thanks mate

  5. Gezina at - Reply

    Sooooo i am building my own by myself and I am a woman so i need so guiding tho hahaha soo the fire clay and sand to what ratio did u mix it?

    • Ovidiu at - Reply

      4 parts fine sand with 6 parts fire clay, but you should also read the labels. Good luck and let me know how it comes out!

  6. luiz rodrigo zilli at - Reply

    Parabens pelo trabalho, irei fazer uma tbm…. abs

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