DIY 4×8 Barn Chicken Coop

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DIY 4×8 Barn Chicken Coop





From Kevin Walker,

We took our time and did this right. For the most part, this is was an awesome build. There are some things I’d do differently. 1) Add a bit of flashing over the egg door to avoid water dripping down into the coop and 2) make the egg door flat and lighter.

We made the door like the instructions said but were worried about water gathering up in the squares. So, we flipped it over and shingled it. It looks great but HEAVY! All-in-all, this is a great chicken coop and we get a TON of “Ohhhh’s” and “Ahhhh’s.”



From Plans:×8-gambrel-chicken-coop-plans/

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: –

Total Cost: –


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  1. Jack at - Reply

    Amazing project! Congrats! Now, if you flipped the nest door upside down, there was no need to keep the 1×4 trims. Moreover, if the door it’s two heavy to open you could cut it in half and open the sections separately. This should make harvesting the eggs easier.

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