DIY 3 Cord Wood Shed

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DIY 3 Cord Wood Shed





From Chris,

After cutting down several trees in my backyard, I scaled up these plans to build a large woodshed – 12 feet x 6 feet base, 7 feet high in the front and 5 in the back. It should hold 3+ cords of wood by volume. It took a couple of hours/day for most of a week, with a full day to get the roof and shingles up with a friend. Very happy with the results, thanks for the plans.



From Plans:

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 1 week

Total Cost: –


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  1. Larry at - Reply

    I’m interested in building a 3+ cord firewood shed storage building. I like your plans, but instead of 6X12, I think 8X12 would be a better fit for me. I think the rear should be 6 ft high for ease of access. I was hoping you would have plans and materials list for me. Thanks

    • Ovidiu at - Reply

      Unfortunately, I don’t do custom plans.

  2. Susan at - Reply

    I wanted to download the plans for the 3 cord wood shed but can’t see it on the webpage. I can find plans for other sheds on their respective pages… I missing something?

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