Recommended Materials

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Recommended Materials for Woodworking

When joining wooden boards together add glue, so you enhance the rigidity of the structure. In some cases, adding glue is enough to create a strong joint, so you don’t need to insert screws or brad nails. In addition, for a professional finish, you need to prepare the surface thoroughly and to apply the right paint or stain. Cover the surface with a few coats of lacquer or polyurethane to seal the finish.


1. Glue



Titebond II Premium Wood Glue, 16 oz.

  • Everyone need glue when joining wood together
  • Ideal for exterior application


Wood Glue


Franklin International 1414 Titebond-3 Ultimate Wood Glue, 16-Ounce

  • Waterproof-Superior Strength
  • Resists Solvents, heat & mildew


Wood glue


Franklin Titebond Original Wood Glue

  • Bonds stronger than wood
  • 128 oz


Glue Bottle


FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle (16 Ounces)

  • Perfect bottle for applying glue
  • No dripping




Gorilla Epoxy

  • 5 Minute Set: Plenty of repositioning time for the perfect fit
  • The all purpose formula bonds steel, wood, aluminum, ceramic, tile and more




2. Finishing Touches

Wood Filler


Minwax High-Performance Wood Filler, 12-Ounce Can 

  • High-performance wood filler
  • Hardens in 15-minutes; sandable in 30-minutes




3M 9-Inch by 11-Inch Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper, Assorted

  • Ideal sandpaper set for a variety of situations
  • Ultimate in performance for surface preparation


Sandpaper Pads


Mirka 5-Inch 8-Hole Dustless Hook-and-Loop Sanding Disks, 10 Each of 5 Grits

  • 50 per box, 10-pieces each of 80, 100, 120, 150, and 220 grits
  • Increased life, made with antiload stearate


Paint Brushes


Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set, 5 Piece

  • Increase your productivity with thoughtfully constructed premium paint brushes



Paint Kit


STANLEY Premium Paint Kit, 8-Piece

  • Premium quality kit with tools to paint an entire room
  • Great coverage with all paints


Masking Tape


3M Painter’s Tape, Multi-Use, .94-Inch by 60-Yard

  • Delivers sharp paint lines
  • Does not cause surface damage


Paint Gun


HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer

  • Adjustable spray control enhances precision for improved outcomes
  • Brass spray needle and housing for longer life and improved performance




3. Paint and Stain

Linseed Oil


SUNNYSIDE 1-Gallon Raw Linseed Oil

  • Great For Wood Finishing
  • No Additives


Wood Stain


Minwax Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Dark Walnut

  • Available in 26 wood Tone colors
  • For any unfinished wood surfaces


Poly finish


Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane Clear Satin Finish, Quart

  • Provides long-lasting beauty and protection to any interior wood surface
  • It provides long-lasting protection and beauty to interior wood surfaces such as furniture, floors, doors and cabinets


Outdoor Stain


Rust-Oleum Varathane Gel Stain, Quart, Dark Walnut

  • Provides twice the coverage of ordinary oil-based stains
  • Ideal for vertical surfaces – water resistant


Spray Lacquer


Minwax Gloss Brushing Lacquer Spray, Clear, 12.25-Ounce

  • Requires no sanding between coats
  • Recommended Uses: woodwork, cabinets, furniture, interior doors, accessories, not recommended for floors




Rust-Oleum Marine Spar Varnish 1-Quart

    • Twice as durable as conventional wood finishes
      • UV resistant, water resistant
      • Ideal for outdoor projects, applied over the stain coats



4. Nails and Screws

Brad nails


Senco 18-Gauge-by-1-2-Inch Electro Galvanized Variety Pack Brads

  • These brad nails come handy when building furniture



Brad nails




Wood Screws


The Hillman Group 8 by 1-1/2-Inch Wood Screw, 100-Piece

  • Wood screws are essential in woodworking

Pocket screws mix


Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Kit in 5 Sizes – 24.99$

  • For joining wood planks of various thicknesses





Kreg 1-1/4-Inch No. 2 Coarse Screw (1000-Pack) – 24.97$

  • For joining 3/4″ thick wood planks



Screws 2.5


Kreg Pocket Screws 2 1/2-Inch, #8 Coarse, Washer Head, 2000 Count – 69.99$

  • For joining 1 1/2″ thick wood planks



Wood Plugs


Kreg Pine Micro Pocket Plugs, 65 Pack

  • Plugs require minimal sanding to match pocket angles
  • Made from accurate dowel for minimal sanding






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