DIY Wood Waist High Planter

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DIY Wood Waist High Planter



From Daniel, 

Being from Australia I found these plans a little difficult to convert to Australian lumber size and the metric system but I managed. The frame was made from 90mm x 3.5mm treated pine lumber and the box from 190mm x 3.5mm treated pine (I have lined the box with a 0.35mm thick pond liner) I also increased the height of the box by 45cm as both myself and my partner are giants.

I added slats to the bottom of the frame and then finished it off with two coats of outdoor all weather paint. The whole project took me a couple of weekends and total cost was around $600AUD. Thanks for the plans.



From Plans:

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 2 weekends

Total Cost: $600AUD


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