DIY Wood Workbench

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This section of our site is dedicated to woodworkers and DIY-ers that have built a project inspired by our outdoor plans and have sent us photos and a few comments about their woodworking endeavor.

We strongly encourage you to send us photos and your feedback regarding the projects on MyOutdoorPlans. Please send us the materials at or using the contact form.



DIY Wood Workbench Plans









From Kevin Mc Natt,

My wife volunteered me to make a counter for my daughter’s upcoming fifth grade class. They needed a counter for an in-class cafe the teacher planned on utilizing to introduce business skills to the students. The free bar plans were selected. After starting the bar I found I needed a workbench and I chose the woodworking table plan. I really wish I would have built the workbench first. Live and learn!  It took me a couple of afternoons to complete the workbench as I hand cut wood (no circular saw).

Wood cost:
2″ x 4″ x 96″ Framing studs x5 $14.90
23/32″ x 4′ x 8′ Sheathing    $22.18
$37.08 plus tax total.

I was a little short on the 2 x 4s and made a modification for the shelf support you can see in one of the pictures. I have not put a finish on it yet as the bar is the real priority. I will post pictures and details when the bar is done. You can see the incomplete bar in a couple of the pictures. When I put a finish on the workbench I will submit a final picture or two of it. I use the workbench whenever I work on the bar. I have had the bar on the workbench minus the top. I have been on top of the workbench doing some sawing and the like and it is a very sturdy design and was fairly simple and a joy to make. Your free plans were easy to follow.

Thank you very much for putting these plans out there as I am not sure how one of my plans would have held up.  I would have probably un-volunteered myself.  My wife and daughter thank you also.



From Plans:

Difficulty Level: medium

Time Required: 2 days

Total Cost: 40 $


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