DIY Insulated Large Dog House

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DIY Insulated Large Dog House



From Matt Klabacka

This is the second dog house I have built with your plans.  I had to modify it a little to size my smaller dog and to cut some weight from the house.  Both dogs are German Shorthair Pointers (45-65 lbs).  My son continues to excel at this construction stuff and he built it almost entirely on his own.  I cut 6″ off  the length and width to reduce the size; however, I kept the height as plans specified.  The roof angle stayed at 15 degrees and that made it easy.

Again, I insulated all walls, ceiling and flooring so they could have a nice warm house this winter, HA!  I live in Vegas so it doesn’t get really very cold.  But I can tell you this dog house will be as warm as my house.  And I am adding the gas struts to assist with roof lift so I can access the house and change their bedding.  I use cardboard for their bedding because it is cheap, warm, and they don’t chew it to pieces.

Cut list:  I followed the plans and made most of my cuts in groups and it went very smoothly.

Roof:  I modified to include 1″ plywood with shingled roof, tar paper, drip cap and fascia board.  This was pretty straight forward with a little help from Youtube on “How to Roof a Shed”.

I painted it yellow to match my females, collar color.

PS:  The big dog likes the new smaller dog house…Go Figure!



From Plans:

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 12 hours

Total Cost: $165


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